Our Specialties

Sections of lectures

The land

The land - the soil - is the basis for all farming and the section contains lectures on geology, understanding the limits and possibilities provided by the landscape, soil and climate and rediscovering biological systems like for instance Carbon Farming.


Geology, Soil, Carbon Farming, Climate, minerals


After soil comes plants. Plants are the basis for feeding animals and humans. This section provides lectures on botanical science and especially on plant farming. Directly related is also lectures on different crops and how to control weeds and pests.


Botanic, Plant Farming, Crops, Pests


Animals feed on plants directly or indirectly so very naturally the section belongs to animal science. Here you will find lectures on zoology, physiology, animal behavior, and animal welfare. Animal farming primarily focuses on livestock but predators and parasites get focused on in this section as they have a direct influence on animal production.  The same goes to the use of predators as farmers helpers as for example seen in the study and training of sheepdogs and livestock guardian dogs. 


Livestock, zoology, physiology, animal behavior, animal welfare, cattle, sheep, goats, pig, horse, chicken, sheepdogs, livestock guardian dogs


Elegantly we bypass the subject of the humans to go to the technology of man. The farming equipment including farm buildings, machines, and equipment for fencing or handling animals.


farm buildings, machines, fencing, handling


Finally, we come to the influence of the human being - the farmer. Management of the resources is the evolutionally responsibilizes given to humans as a direct consequence of own well-devoelped brains. By other words, this is also the section for economics and ethics. 


Management, economics, Ethics