The owners of FarmingAcademy

Farming, science, and knowledge are our passions.


The owners of FarmingAcademy AS

FarmingAcademy AS

FarmingAcademy AS is a shareholders company registered in Norway under the registration number 926 444 107.



The shares and ownership of FarmingAcademy AS have been divided among many individuals where some are private individuals, companies or non-profit organisations by their precharge of shares and thereby % of the ownership. Besides the founder, there is no other shareholder that owns more than 10% of the shares. 


The right buyer can buy between 0.25% and 10% of the shares. The right buyer is a private individual, company or non-profit organisation that shares the values and visions of FarmingAcademy. By July 2021, the price of 1% of the shares in FarmingAcademy is 13,500 €. Are you interested in owning a part of FarmingAcademy AS, then send an email to jj@farmingacademy.eu.

Owners of FarmingAcademy AS

Jeanette Johnsen

Jeanette is the founder of FarmingAcademy and also the CEO, Head editor in Cheif, content provider and a shareholder.  

Jeanette was born in Denmark in 1970, and she completed her Master's Degree in Animal Science from The University of Copenhagen Life Sciences in 2000.

"I have built FarmingAcademy to give everyone access to all the knowledge necessary to give everyone the intellectual building stones to a sustainable life in balance with nature. The happiest times in my life have been the moments where I had the ability to seek the knowledge I wanted and found a good use for it.  That happiness expands to having control over your life - this tool is what I like to make available to everyone no matter who and where they are. That is the core reason for giving birth to FarmingAcademy. Now it is time to invite others to help to make FarmingAcademy grow to reach the whole world."

Pia Smidt Knudsen

Pia is a content provider at FarmingAcademy and also a shareholder.  

Pia was born in Denmark in 1982,

Pia is a teacher at an Agricultural school, called Nordjyllands landbrugsskole, Lundbæk, but have a long background working with pigs in Denmark, Finland and the USA, and I have a lot of theory built on to that practical experience 

Roel Vos

Voel is the handyman at FarmingAcademy and also a shareholder.  

Voel was born in Holland.

Sylvia K. Persson

Sylvia is the co-founder of FarmingAcademy, Co-head editor in Cheif, content provider and shareholder. 

Sylvia was born in Sweden in 1972 and she has a master's degree in Animal Science from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in 1996.


Dr. Carsten Pedersen

Carsten is Co-head editor in Cheif of FarmingAcademy, content provider and shareholder. 

Born in Denmark in 1968. Carsten has a Ph.D. in Animal Science from The University of Copenhagen, Life Science in 2001.

Verdens Bedste Fødevarer

Verdens Bedste Fødevarer is a shareholder of FarmingAcademy. 

The World's Best Food (Verdens Bedste Fødevarer) is a grassroots project to ensure that Denmark gets the world's best food industry. The idea is that ordinary Danes should be able to make a voluntary contribution to a fund when they shop or go to a restaurant. Companies must also be able to contribute. The funds must go to research and development that provides: More animal welfare, less climate, nature and environmental impact and a better working environment.

We want to strengthen knowledge of Danish food and food production as well as increase the quality, sustainability, animal welfare and working environment in production. We will do this by being a forum for fact-based dialogue and by:

  • Identify, obtain and facilitate knowledge about food
  • Create transparency about all parts of food production
  • Be debating
  • Arrange Open House events - show good examples
  • Provide knowledge
  • Facilitate networks

Aleksandar Andonov

Shareholder and content provider at FarmingAcademy. Macedonian national, born in 1969 is a doctor of veterinary medicine who graduated from the University of Zagreb, with 20+ years of experience in food animal production and health. He specializes in the field of animal nutrition at the Faculty of Veterinary medicine in Belgrade, with 15+ years of experience as an animal nutritionist and in-depth expertise in Poultry nutrition/production/health management.

Josephine Favre

Shareholder at FarmingAcademy and President at The African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF)


Sharing knowledge has always been part of my being. I always loved acquiring knowledge, once acquired, I shared. Being the owner of Farming Academy EU, gives me this possibility to contribute to the growth of the Academy at the same time I am able to create curricula that will be used worldwide in our industry alongside great academics. 


Tom Axelgaard

Shareholder at FarmingAcademy.

Tom is an experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the food production industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Management, Product Development, and Food Processing. Strong business development professional with profound experience in negotiation with both private entrepreneurs, institutional investors and financial institutions.

Michael Thøger Hansen

Michael is a bee farmer and a shareholder in FarmingAcademy. 

Professor Dr Paul Lji

Editor, content provider and shareholder at FarmingAcademy. Born in Nigeria in 1962. PhD in Animal Science from The University of Adelaide, Australia in 1999.

Farmadvisor Karina E. Mikkelsen

Content provider and Shareholder at FarmingAcademy. Born in Denmark in 1977. Educated farmer from Dalum Landbrugsskole - Academy of Agricultural Business 2001.

Anna Hedendahl

Anna Hedendal er content provider, co-founder and shareholder in FarmingAcademy. Born in Sweden in 1970. Master's degree in Animal Science from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 1996.

Email: ah@farmingacademy.eu

Farmer Wilhelm Stark

Wilhelm Stark is a Shareholder at FarmingAcademy.