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Farming, science, and knowledge are our passions


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Our presenters for lectures have produced the lectures themselves, and they are professionals in their fields of expertise. At the end of each lecture, the contact information of the precentor and the head editor will be easy to find. Questions and comments are VERY welcome.


We want to make knowledge and experiences accessible to anyone who is interested, and we hope to inspire people to farm the best way they possibly can. The wisdom has to travel back and forth in a world without borders made by countries, welfare or educational level. Tips, tricks, and observations have to be accessible to every farmer, consultant, scientist, and buyer of farm products.   


We know that even if we try to make the product affordable to everyone, there will be some with financial challenges. If you live in a developing country or in another way is challenged financially, please contact us to apply for free lectures or a discount if you are a student. If you want to participate to give this gift of knowledge then please push the DONATE button or send us an email to get more information. 


Jeanette Johnsen

I have a passion for farming - especially animal science - and I have more or less made a conscious decision dedicated my life to share all the mindblowing knowledge I find, to others that just might find it as exciting or at least useful. 

I was a student at Animal Science at the University of Life Science in Copenhagen Denmark for as long as possible, and after there were no more courses - that I could possibly argue my way into attending there - I went out to the world with a Masters degree in Animal Science.

Out in this world, I started teaching sheep farming and sheepdog training. I simply had to make a shepherd education ( 25 courses each consistent of 3-5 days of lectures combined with practical exercises). I have been the editor of a sheep farmers magazine, and I have spent every penny earned to pay for research projects with Livestock Guardian dogs. 

In 2019 I discovered CuriosityStream, and I was so amazed and inspired, that I had to develop FarmingAcademy.eu. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. 

For more info about me visit johnsen.at